How to Replace the Trane Air Handler Filter in Your Home

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Trane Air Handler Filter - Location & Replacement

We’ll give you simple step by step instructions on how to find the location and replace your Trane air handler disposable air filter. Keep your home air clean with the right selection of replacement air filters to maintain your air quality. We will help you find the best trane air handler filter for your system.

Trane Air Handler Filter Location

All central air conditioning systems should have an air filter, but sometimes the filter can be harder to locate. The trane air handler filter is usually located in the return air duct or blower compartment before the return air reaches the trane air handler. This allows the filter to clean the air coming from your house before it enters the Trane AC unit.

The air filter for any central heating and air conditioning systems goes in one of two places: your air return vent or in the actual air handler or furnace.

Common locations for air filters in HVAC units include:

  1. On horizontal HVAC units with the return duct attached to the side of the air handler, the filter often fits in a slot on the return air (intake) side of the unit.
  2. On vertical air handlers with the return air duct entering on the top of the air handler, the filter often slides into a slot above the HVAC unit.
  3. On vertical air handlers with the return air duct entering below the air handler, the filter often fits in a slot located below the HVAC unit.
  4. On other HVAC systems, the air filter may be located behind the return air grill on a wall in your home.
  5. On HVAC systems with a return in each room, there may be an air filter behind each of the return grills.

Replacing Trane Air Handler Filter

Sometimes when you pull out the trane air handler filter, it’s painfully obvious whether it’s time to clean or replace. If caked on dirt and dust are falling off the surface, it’s probably restricting air flow and you’ll want to take action. If it’s only lightly covered, or you can still see light through the filter material, you may want to clean the filter and then check again in another month.

If you are replacing or changing trane air handler filters, be sure to either measure the old filter or take note of its dimensions if printed on the casing before you throw the old one away. You will need these dimensions to purchase a replacement if you don’t have a replacement filter at home already.

Step by Step How to Replace Trane Air Handler Filter

First, you need to determine whether you have a permanent or disposable air filter.

Disposable filters: You will be able to remove them from your system and replace them with another store-bought variation.

Permanent filters: These can also be called washable filters. These filters can be removed from your air handler unit. These are good if you need extra-fine air filtration power, but can be messy to clean and expensive to install.

For replacing the permanent filters is easy, just locate the filter, remove it from its housing, wash it and then return it again.

If you have a disposable filter, here are the steps you should take to change it. Changing or cleaning your filter will help keep your air and home clean

Before buying a replacement filter, check your owner’s manual to identify the right number or size of your filter – it could also be printed on the side of your existing air filter. Or measure the filter yourself for accurate sizing.

Choose the right size air handler filter!
  • Turn off the power to the HVAC unit. If you are unsure how to turn off the furnace, consult your unit’s manual. Do not run furnace without a filter in place.
  • Remove or unlatch the door and clean as indicated above.
  • Check the filter type. If it is disposable, replace with a new filter in the correct size.
  • If the filter is reusable, first brush it to remove surface dirt, then run a vacuum with a soft brush attachment over the face to pull out more embedded dust and dirt.
  • Run water through the filter in the opposite direction of airflow; you can use a low-pressure spray to assist in the cleaning.
  • Allow the reusable filter to thoroughly air dry before you replace it.
  • Do not resume power to the HVAC unit until the clean, dry filter is in place.

Just be sure to regularly check on your filters and change them out frequently to have clean air and a happy HVAC system! If you are still uncertain and would like more assistance, a local HVAC technician would be able to find the trane air handler filter locations and change the filter easily.

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