How to Clean Flame Sensor on Goodman Furnace

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how to clean flame sensor on goodman furnace

Flame sensor in your Goodman furnace is a crucial part of your HVAC system. It protects your furnace against inappropriate burning of fuel. If the flame sensor is not cleaned as it should, your furnace is not going to work as efficiently as you want. That’s why it is important that you clean the Goodman furnace flame sensor frequently.

Furnace repair and maintenance are sometimes to be an advanced tasks and needs to be performed by an HVAC professional. But cleaning furnace flame sensor is a simple process and can be done DIY.

Here’s everything you need to know about flame sensor, how to troubleshoot the problems and how to clean flame sensor on Goodman furnace to keep it in best performance.

What is a furnace flame sensor

The flame sensor on Goodman furnace is a component that assures the gas is being burned and not acquiring into the vent system. Furnace flame sensor is just a thin metallic rod and located on the burner assembly. The sensor ignitor works for recognizes when a flame is burning inside the burner assembly of your furnace. If no flame is recognized, the sensor shuts off the furnace to avoid unburned gas from being lost into the vent system.

Along with the frequent use, the flame sensor can get dirty that will intrude the ability to recognize a flame. Cleaning the flame sensor on Goodman furnace can restore its ability to detect a burner flame as it should and provide furnace operation in good performance.

Goodman furnace flame sensor location

The flame sensor is usually mounted near the burner assembly in your unit. There are some guidelines you are able to follow to find the location of Goodman furnace flame sensor, in case you want to clean or replace it.

  1. To avoid danger, be sure to shut off the power to the furnace before you remove any panels.
  2. Shut off the gas supply as well.
  3. Slide the upper or lower compartment access panel upwards to detach.
  4. The flame sensor is usually located near to the burning housing.
  5. Carefully pull the sensor out of the housing.

You may need to first disconnect the wire from the sensor to fully remove the flame sensor from the housing or to have better access to clean it.

Signs of a bad Goodman furnace flame sensor

  • The furnace lights but then shuts down
  • The metallic rod on the flame sensor is cracked
  • The flame sensor is corroded

How To Clean Goodman Furnace Flame Sensor

Tools You Need

  • Hex driver or wrench
  • Small piece of light grit sandpaper, steel wool, or emery cloth
  • Dry, clean paper towel

After knowing the location of the flame sensor, now is the time for you to start the cleaning process.

  1. Shut off power and gas to the furnace
  2. Remove the flame sensor
  3. Clean away soot and corrosion using dry, clean paper towel
  4. Reinstall the flame sensor
  5. Restart the furnace

Replacing a Bad Flame Sensor

If cleaning the flame sensor did not work, it’s possible that the sensor is broken. You may need to replace it. To do that, you can follow these same process.

By following this tutorials on how to clean flame sensor on Goodman furnace, you’ll have the opportunity to repair simple issues with your Goodman furnace. However, it’s more helpful to call a professional HVAC technician for particular complex furnace problems. Routine maintenance by a licensed and professional HVAC contractor may expand the life of your Goodman gas furnace!

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