Do Window AC Units Need Maintenance?

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Do Window AC Units Need Maintenance

What service maintenance does a window ac unit require? Just like central air conditioning systems, your window AC requires certain maintenance and repairs in order to run at peak efficiency.

A window air conditioner offers the perfect way to keep a room cool without installing a full central air conditioning system. It is less invasive to install a window unit, but it still requires regular care and maintenance.

Here are 7 maintenance checklists you can do every year to keep your window air conditioner in prime working order.

  1. Clean The Air Filter On Your Window AC Every Month

Most window AC models include an air filter that is easy to access by simply removing the front panel of the unit. You will then be able to remove the filter from its secure location and clean it.

The best way to clean the air filter is with a combination of warm water and white vinegar or dish soap. Give the filter plenty of time to air dry before placing it back inside its designated space. When using your unit on a regular basis, you should clean the filter once a month. Cleaning your filter becomes even more important if you have pets or are prone to allergies.

If you notice wear and tear on your filter, it is time to replace it by buying a new one that matches the size of your model. There are also replacement filters available for purchase if your unit has a foam filter.

  1. Clean Condenser Coils At The Start Of Each Cooling Season

Over time your window AC unit will unavoidably build up with dust and dirt on the inside where the condenser coils are located. A build-up of debris forces your unit to work overtime to do the same job, thus increasing your electric bills and decreasing your comfort.

Just before the cooling season kicks off, you should have your condenser coils cleaned of all dirt and debris. The air conditioner cabinet must be completely removed in order to access this part of your unit. You can clean the coils using a soft bristle brush and compressed air to help loosen stubborn build-ups.

You must be very careful as you clean the coils so that you do not damage, bend or dent the aluminum coil fins. If the fins do bend, you will need a handy fin comb to straighten them back into place.

  1. Clean Out The Water Pan
The Water Pan in Window AC

When you clean the condenser coils, you should also clean out the water pan at the bottom of the unit. You can clean this part of the unit using the same mixture of warm water and dish detergent or white vinegar. If you do not clean out the water pan, your unit is at risk of growing mold and/or producing a musty odor.

  1. Inspect Your Unit For Signs Of Nests

If your window unit has been uncovered for the duration of winter, you will want to check it over for any signs of wasp, bee, or bird nests. The nests will be located inside of the unit and so cleaning the condenser coils offers you the perfect opportunity to check for nests. When your unit is not in use, you can store it somewhere safe in order to prevent the chances of a nest forming. If you prefer to leave the unit in the window, you can purchase an AC cover for added protection.

  1. Inspect Cooling Coils For Frost

If the outdoor temperature reaches below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, you will want to check the coils located on the front of the unit for signs of frost or ice build-up. If you notice a build-up of ice, this means the unit is too cold to operate properly. Your window AC unit should only be used when the outdoor temperature reaches above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. Check Your AC Remote Control

If your AC remote control is not functioning properly, it might just need a new set of batteries. If this does not address the issue, you may need to buy a replacement control that matches your make and model unit.

  1. Store Your Unit In A Safe Location

It is not recommended to leave your AC unit in the window throughout the winter. If the unit is left in the window, you are likely to experience a draft, which will increase your energy usage.

If you decide to store your window AC unit, you want to pick the location properly. It is not advised to keep your unit stored in a garage because of the increased risk of rodents getting inside and making a home. Mice and other rodents are known to chew on wiring and other important components of your unit, creating costly damage. Keep this in mind when finding a safe place to store your window AC for the winter.

Window AC maintenance is required in addition to lowering utility bills and increasing comfort and indoor air quality. The best time to call an HVAC technician for an air conditioner maintenance checkup is in early spring.

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