Armstrong Furnace Model Number

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Armstrong furnace model number

Have you ever thought about what the model number of your Armstrong furnace can tell you about it? The model number can tell us a lot about the product that we might not have thought of before. Especially to find the right replacement parts. Armstrong furnace’s model number has different parts that tell you different things about your product.

What does a model number tell you?

1. Unit capacity or size

Armstrong furnace’s model number can tell you about the capacity and size of your furnace unit. Tonnage or tons can be described in the words of BTUs. One ton equals 12,000 BTU. You’ll need to convert the number to tons in order to know the size of your Armstrong furnace.

  • 18,000 BTU = 1.5 tons
  • 24,000 BTU = 2.0 tons
  • 30,000 BTU = 2.5 tons
  • 36,000 BTU = 3.0 tons
  • 42,000 BTU = 3.5 tons
  • 48,000 BTU = 4.0 tons
  • 60,000 BTU = 5.0 tons

2. Replacement parts

When you are going to buy replacement parts for your Armstrong furnace, the first thing to pay attention to is the model number. So you will get the right replacement component for your furnace.

Where is the model number on the Armstrong furnace?

The model number location is usually found on a label or a plate located on the outside of the furnace, near the access panel, or the filter compartment. It may also be located inside the furnace, near the burner, or in the blower compartment. If you are still unable to find the model number, you can consult the furnace’s owner’s manual.

How do you read an Armstrong furnace model number?

The Armstrong model number nomenclature for a furnace is explained below in this Armstrong model number lookup.

Armstrong Model Number Lookup

Here is our sample Armstrong model number: #A93UH1D110C16A

  • A: FLAGSHIP model
  • 93: 93% EFFICIENCY
  • 1: 1 STAGE
  • 110: HEATING INPUT X 1000
  • C: 21.0 WIDTH

Now that you have learned the Armstrong furnace model number and how to read it. We hope that you can find the right replacement parts for your furnace.

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