Amana Serial Number Lookup

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Amana Serial Number Lookup

Amana serial number lookup are identical to a Goodman serial number. The same styles/formats are used in their AC and/or Furnace data plate and You may even see the Goodman Company name on it. Here we have an example Amana serial number styles and how to decode it.

A serial number is like an identity card for your Amana product. Each product receives a unique number, ensuring no two items have the same identifier. This serial number isn’t just a random assortment of characters; it carries specific information about the product, such as its manufacturing date, location, and batch.

Now, you might wonder, “Why should I be so concerned about a series of numbers and letters?” Well, there’s more to it than meets the eye:

  1. Warranty Claims: Here’s a scenario I’ve experienced – my Amana product started acting up. Thankfully, it was a rare occurrence. My first thought? “Is it still under warranty?” The age of the product, deciphered from the serial number, gives a clear picture. It aids the company in promptly identifying your product and its warranty status. Knowing if you’re still within that timeframe can save you money and stress.
  2. Lifespan Estimation: By understanding the age of your Amana product, you get a ballpark estimate of how long it might last. Most appliances have an average lifespan, and knowing where yours stands can help you anticipate future needs or replacements.
  3. Authenticity Verification: With so many knock-offs in today’s market, it’s challenging to ensure you have a genuine article. The serial number, particularly the age, can be a sure-shot way to confirm authenticity. If an alleged “brand-new” product carries a date from two years ago, red flags should go up.
  4. Service and Repair: With the serial number, especially the manufacturing date, technicians can get valuable insights into the product’s specifics. It helps them anticipate common wear and tear issues typical to the product’s age.
  5. Resale Value: The age derived from the serial number provides a clear answer, ensuring transparency and possibly fetching you a better resale price.

Amana serial number is very useful to know when the unit was manufactured. Homeowners are often curious about the age of their Amana air conditioner and/or Amana heat pumps. We provided this article to try to help you identify the Amana HVAC age from their serial number. The number is short and simple to lookup.

How to Decode Amana Serial Number

Amana, like many other HVAC brands, uses a specific format for its serial numbers. The exact methodology may vary based on the models or the time period in which it was produced. Here’s a general guide to decoding Amana serial numbers, particularly for determining the age of the appliance.

The first four numbers of the Amana serial number represent the year and the month of manufacture. The following is an example of Amana Serial Number and how to determine the age from it.

How Can I Tell The Age of an Amana Hvac From The Serial Number?

Determining the age of an Amana air conditioner or furnace from the serial number generally follows a specific format. Here’s a general guide to understanding the age of an Amana HVAC system from its serial number:

#0109145052 (10 character all numerical digit Serial number)

  • Year of manufacture is 1st & 2nd combined digits.
  • Month of manufacture is 3rd & 4th combined digits.
  • From the serial number above, we can know that the unit was manufacture in September 2001.

#96-90391 (8 digits -including dash- serial number)

  • The date of manufacture is coded in the 1st two digits of serial number and represent the year of production.
  • From the serial number above, we can know that the unit was manufacture in 1996.

#040590391 (9 character all numerical serial number)

  • The date of manufacture is coded in the 1st four digits of serial number and represent the year and month of production.
  • From the serial number above, we can know that the unit was manufacture in May 2004.

If you have service records or other documentation, these can help confirm the age deduced from the serial number.

If in doubt, the most reliable method to confirm the age of your Amana HVAC system is by contacting Amana’s customer support with the serial number. They can provide definitive information.

Amana Serial Number Location

The Amana Serial Number is located on the exterios AC data plate. As I state above, Amana data plates is identical to a Goodman data plate. It’s located on the top rear area of the unit. You can find the data plate by removing the top-front service panel and looking to the left side of the exterior AC/Furnace unit.

Amana Serial Number

Amana is one of the United States’ oldest HVAC brands. Amana is owned by Goodman, and Goodman has been owned by Daikin since 2012.

If you’re still having difficulty finding the Amana serial number location, or if it has been removed by the time, call Amana’s customer service. Once you know the Amana HVAC age or when the unit was made, write it down on the Amana’s related documents for easy reference later.


Decoding the serial number of your Amana HVAC system can offer valuable insights into its age, shedding light on warranty status, expected lifespan, and potential maintenance needs.

While the general patterns outlined above provide a foundational understanding, it’s crucial to approach with a bit of flexibility, considering Amana’s evolving serial number system over the decades. And when in doubt, turning to Amana’s official support channels can offer the most accurate and definitive answers.

Ultimately, understanding the age of your HVAC system equips you with the knowledge to make informed decisions, ensuring the system’s longevity and optimal performance. I hope this article helps you that are having difficulty in how to read the Amana serial number lookup.

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