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Performing a manual reset on a Carrier furnace is a quick and easy procedure. Carrier furnaces have a safety feature known as a flame roll-out switch that will shut down the furnace when it overheats. Knowing the location of the Carrier furnace reset button and how to reset it will help when your furnace starts having a problem.

I will presume that your furnace keeps tripping because of overheating or experiences a similar malfunction when you search for how to reset the Carrier furnace. A furnace will overheat if it isn’t receiving enough airflow. When this happens, the reset button may be triggered.

Carrier Furnace Reset Button Location

All Carrier furnace models have a reset button located inside the blower compartment. Look any such switch out in front of the burner or mounted on sheet metal above the burner area. It is a thin cylindrical, sometimes red-painted pin in the middle of a small switch and has two wires connectors.

A furnace reset button is a safety feature that will shut down the furnace when a problem is detected. Your furnace will command to stop further operation and will be in lockout mode. The reset button needs to be pushed manually to restart the furnace.

Carrier furnaces include the infinity models, have a visual display that will show an error code. In most cases, the lockout mode is shown in Carrier error code 13 and 31. Though these conditions often require a technician to diagnose and repair the furnace, sometimes you may be able to solve the problem by resetting the Carrier furnace.

How To Reset Carrier Furnace

After knowing the location of a flame roll-out switch, it’s time to reset your Carrier furnace. Follow these steps:

  1. Safety first! Turn off the power supply to the furnace by turning off the breaker in the circuit box.
  2. Turn off the main gas supply to the furnace.
  3. Remove the burner access panel.
  4. Find the flame roll-out switch.
  5. Press the switch button until you hear a slightly audible click. You can only press the button up to three times and wait for 30 minutes between each reset.
  6. Now put the cover back on and turn the power supply on. This will reset your Carrier furnace and make it start working properly again.

Sometimes you can use a simple reset procedure by turning the power off to the furnace for thirty seconds. This will clear the error code and allow the unit to attempt the normal operation again.

You can easily fix Carrier furnace issues by pressing the flame roll-out switch. Unfortunately, this only works some of the time. If resetting your Carrier furnace didn’t solve the problems, call the local HVAC technician for help.

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