Are Electrostatic Furnace Filters Worth It?

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Are Electrostatic Furnace Filters Worth It

Electrostatic furnace filters are becoming very popular with homeowners who want to achieve better air quality in their homes. They are designed to replace any type of panel filter or frame type air filter you currently use in your HVAC equipment.

Electrostatic furnace filters, also known as washable filters or reusable filters, are a combination of mechanical air filtration and electrostatic filtration. Like the technology used in many of the air cleaners commonly sold today, which remove dust particles from the air by using static electricity or electronic means.

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Why Use Electrostatic Furnace Filters

When selecting an HVAC filter, it only makes sense to use the most efficient filter possible. Furnace system operates best with no restriction to airflow. Adding an air filter to an air conditioning or furnace restricts this airflow and, therefore, can reduce the operating efficiency of the equipment.

The best furnace filter is the one that has the least effect on airflow but removes the most dust from the air. This is where the electrostatic furnace filter shines. Electrostatic air filters are able to remove a very high percentage of contaminants from the air but, at the same time, have little effect on airflow.

This allows the air conditioning or furnace to operate at maximum efficiency while at the same time removing a high percentage of contaminants from the air. So the best you can hope for is to strike a balance where you get the best air filtration but also don’t restrict airflow to the point where it begins to have an impact on the operating efficiency of your furnace.

Are Electrostatic Furnace Filters Better than Regular Filter

Electrostatic air filters are very efficient and have very little impact on air flow in your HVAC system. These types of air filters are not the most efficient filter you can get for your central air conditioner or furnace. But remember, you want to strike a balance between filter efficiency and equipment performance.

There are two furnace filters that are more efficient than electrostatic filters, but they are not necessarily a better choice. The first one is the electronic air filter, and the other one is the HEPA air filter.

How Does An Electrostatic Air Filter Work

How Does An Electrostatic Air Filter Work

As air passes through electrostatic filters, a static charge is created within the filter. As a result of this static charge, dust particles are attracted to the filter and remain trapped there until the filter is washed.

The air you breathe contains many allergens and irritants such as dust, bacteria, mold spores, pet dander, pollen and smoke. Most of these particles are smaller than one micron in size and will pass through the traditional furnace filter. When you install an electrostatic furnace filter, the number of particles passing through your heating or cooling system and returning to your living space will be dramatically reduced.

An electrostatic air filter will save you hundreds of dollars by eliminating the monthly cost of purchasing disposable filters. Typical disposable fiberglass filters are only 5 – 10 percent efficient. The best electrostatic air filters are over 90 percent efficient.

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